Information About Our Company

The Premier Provider of local Fire extinguisher solutions

Here at TechFlame™, We believe that being vigilant is the best state in the face of any adversity. Ensure your people and business are properly equipped to deal with an event of an accidental office fire or worse. With Firag's high strength fire products, you can extinguish your problems today. We also provide services that help you maintain your current fire extinguishing equipment, so that you can keep you and yours safe.

Customisable Solutions

What separates us from the others is the fact that we understand that not one single package or solution will meet everyone's needs. It doesn’t work that way. Which is why we ensure our vast product catalogue and versatile fire extinguisher maintenance methods will ensure that you will truly have a perfect solution for your home and business.

Reliable Service

Our specialists are extremely dedicated to being on schedule so as to deliver you, our precious customer, excellent service that you can depend on. We believe that great customer service is an element of quality experience, which is something our team at TechFlame™ refuse to compromise for anything. At the end of the day, our teams will ensure you enjoy a completely hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Quality, Unrivalled

TechFlame™ has been a fast growing member of the fire extinguisher supplying and servicing industry for the past 20 years. That is simply because we pride ourselves on quality of the work we do, and the bonds of collaboration we form with our clients while we work. Allowing us to provide you a truly unmatched experience through understanding your each and every need, while working hard to solve them as best we can.

Only the Best Equipment

We make sure each and every Fire Extinguisher we import is of the highest standard and quality levels, imposing stringent quality control inspections upon arrival to our warehouse. Even if there is a tiny defect that may compromise quality for the user, we immediately take it off our inventory so we can provide you with truly dependable Fire Extinguishers in Singapore, to keep your home and business safe.

What are you still waiting for? Your fire extinguisher needs could definitely be filled with the TechFlame™ touch, and put all your firefighting gear worries to rest for years to come.